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Видимо записали по накуре :D
So here is translate into english:

Moles, hamsters (x4)
Here is a mole, here is the hamster
Hrum-Hrum, Peck, Peck, Peck
The crowds gathering of moles
Are going to the base of the hamsters
Will be a battle, will be the meat
Thick bodies in ecstasy
The fate of the people
Wall to wall
A mole on the hamster
War of the waste and freaks
The war, which enters the Century
A mole with a machine gun
A mole with a pistol
A hamster with a knife and a crossbow
Meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat
Severed arms and legs
Shot off heads, tails
Bloody corpses writhe in agony causing nausea
The mole has won, so he's our hero!
Unprepossessing disproportionate skew curve
Skinny and terribly dull on top
But he's pleased with himself, he won
In the ears is
The dying cry of hamster
The mole was bristling with terrible as croc
Dug a hole, got there
And squeaked: Bye!
Moles, hamsters, moles, hamsters, MOLES, HAMSTERS!

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